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GroupWise users moving to Webmail Plus

July 7, 2010

KALAMAZOO--By the end of July, Western Michigan University will complete the migration of more than 60,000 users from two older e-mail systems to a new system, Webmail Plus, with powerful tools and collaborative features.

By far the largest group of users, about 58,000 previously using E-Communication Services or ECS Webmail, were successfully migrated June 30 through July 2. Very few problems were reported and those that were dealt mostly with anticipated, brief delays in transferring address books and other files.

About 2,500 faculty, staff and retirees using GroupWise e-mail will be migrated to Webmail Plus beginning with staff members in athletics and university relations Tuesday, July 13. The complete migration schedule is available as a link on the information technology home page.

Webmail Plus integrates e-mail with multiple address books, tasks, an online storage briefcase and shared calendars. Even more collaborative features will be rolled out next year. The Web interface is attractive and intuitive, and Webmail Plus works elegantly on a variety of mobile devices, including Blackberrys, Droids and iPhones.

Former ECS Webmail users had a seamless transition to Webmail Plus, which is accessed exactly the same ways as ECS mail was, using the same Bronco NetID and password used before. For those using mail clients, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, all of the settings remain the same.

GroupWise users will soon be accessing their e-mail, calendars and other files the same way as all other users at WMU. Everyone at the University will be in the same mail system for the first time since the earliest days of e-mail.

How to access Webmail Plus

  • Login to GoWMU at gowmu.wmich.edu using your Bronco NetID and password. Click the "Webmail+" icon in the tool bar.
  • Login directly to Webmail Plus at webmail.wmich.edu using your Bronco NetID and password.

The advantage of checking your mail through GoWMU is that it's single signon--you enter your Bronco NetID and password once, and have access to campus announcements, your e-mail and a variety of other secure services.

A complete Webmail Plus Self-Help guide, including using address books and calendars, mobile device setup, imap mail configuration and a dozen other topics is available as a link on the information technology home page.

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