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Semiannual staff award nominations due

by Jeanne Baron

Oct. 15, 2011 | WMU News

Nominations for the fall round of Western Michigan University's semiannual Make A Difference awards are due by Monday, Oct. 31.

Make a Difference is a campuswide peer-to-peer program that recognizes WMU staff for their accomplishments and daily investment of energy and creativity. It features semiannual and annual awards available to Staff Compensation System, AFSCME, MSEA and POA employees who provide exceptional services to the University.

Every fall and spring, semiannual awards are presented to a maximum of 15 people. Those selected for the accolade receive a before-tax prize of $300 and a certificate; are recognized at a special reception; and may be nominated for one of four annual Make a Difference awards that includes a before-tax prize of $1,200.

Semiannual award recipients may win multiple times, but are limited to one semiannual award per academic year. Visit year round for nomination instructions and forms.