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Future building priorities set

by Cheryl Roland

Oct. 21, 2011 | WMU News

KALAMAZOO--Acting at its Sept. 28 meeting, the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees gave its seal of approval to a resolution outlining its list of campus building priorities and formally designating a new multidisciplinary science research facility as the project it will take to the state as its capital outlay request.

Michigan requires all state universities to annually submit a five-year master plan that prioritizes all building projects, including those that the universities self fund. The state also requires each university to identify one project as their top priority and submit it as their capital outlay request.

A science research facility to support such multidiscipline areas as nanotechnology, imaging, biosafety and computational science was selected as WMU's capital outlay request. The facility would be energy efficient and designed for sustainability and to achieve LEED gold certification.

Other items on the priorities list and the order in which they appear include a new student union and student services center, new campus housing, expansion of College of Aviation facilities and renovation of Dunbar Hall.