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Four artists featured in 'Animal Logic' at Richmond Center

by Tonya Durlach

Oct. 24, 2011 | WMU News

Photo of Catron and Outlaw work on exhibit at WMU.
Catron and Outlaw work from "Animal Logic" exhibit
KALAMAZOO--"Animal Logic," an exhibit featuring works by four artists, runs through Nov. 11 in the Monroe-Brown Gallery of the Richmond Center at Western Michigan University.

The title and theme of the exhibit is drawn from George Orwell's "Animal Farm," in which farm animals take on the personalities of the weathly and powerful in human society and of an oppressed working class.

The Artists

The collaborative team of Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw, known as much for their Brooklyn based Jen 'n' Outlaw's Fish Fry Truck performances as the series of photographs that spoof Baroque still life painting, gluttony, and upper class extravagances like banquets of over indulgence. While socially over the top, Catron and Outlaw's photographic narratives take on the appearance of a whole lot of fun!

Squeak Carnwath, a west coast based painter utilizes metaphor and depiction in her works to express the consciousness of life in its primary form. Acting as a contemporary alchemist, Carnwath, through her art, transforms objects and events of the everyday into symbols of the universal and the spiritual. Modest objects that portend signifiers; the interrelationships of humans and other living beings; emotions and perceptions; and the elements of the physical and of time.

Paul Sydorenko, a Cleveland based artist works on up to fifty pieces at once, using a wide variety of techniques such as silkscreen, plant dyes, whiskey spit byte, and vinyl negatives. The sculptural installations contain floor paintings as pedestals, large sewn stuffed animal heads that contain televisions displaying various videos as their faces. Trained as a classical guitarist, he also creates soundtracks for his works, which range from simple piano melodies to full ensemble electronic video game music.

Richmond Center Gallery Hours

For more information, visit the Frostic School of Art online or call the exhibitions office at (269) 387-2455.