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September, October grants to WMU top $7 million

by Mark Schwerin

Dec. 13, 2011 | WMU News

KALAMAZOO--Grants to Western Michigan University soared above $7 million during September and October, WMU trustees learned at their Dec. 8 meeting.

September grants accounted for 80 percent of the two-month sum, zooming past $5.6 million. October awards totaled just under $1.4 million. Research grants topped $3.8 million, while public service grants climbed past $1.6 million.

Research grants

Research grants were led by a $693,564 award from the U.S. Department of Education to two researchers in the WMU Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology. Drs. Van Cooley and Jianping Shen, department chair and John E. Sandberg Professor, respectively, are using the award to provide continuing comprehensive instruction and mentoring to aspiring and practicing principals in high-need school districts.

A second notable research award, this one from the U.S. Department of Justice totaling nearly $500,000, went to Dr. James Henry, director of the Children's Trauma Assessment Center, Dr. Ben Atchison, professor of occupational therapy, and Dr. Chris Coryn, director of WMU's interdisciplinary doctoral program in evaluation. That grant will be used to analyze if trauma intervention in youths reduces crime and behavioral problems and enhances academic progress.

Public service grants

The top public service grant, a $566,108 award from Kalamazoo Community Mental Health Services to Dr. Carol Sundberg, director of the Center for Disability Services, will provide daily living, communication, behavior control and social skill services to adults with developmental disabilities.