Award Requirements: Scholarship Activities

Junior Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson

To assist you in getting the most valuable and well-rounded exposure to the paper and allied industry, the Paper Technology Foundation (PTF) and the Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering (ChP) have been busy developing some activities that will help you better realize the limitless career opportunities by interacting with your classmates, faculty and the industry’s leaders—your future employers.

The Pulp, Paper and Allied Industry is providing scholarships to develop talented scientists and engineers to enter the field. Experience in the industry provides students with professional development and educational insight. Consequently, scholarship awards require students to gain exposure to the industry early in their career.

The following activities are required to ensure proper industry exposure. NOTE: Year of study refers to the year of study in the paper engineering program.

Paper Engineering Students, Fall 2013
Paper Engineering Students, Fall 2013
  1. A personalized PTF scholarship thank you letter each semester/academic year as appropriate.
  2. Attendance at the fall ChP Department Meet and Greet/first Ts’ai Lun student organization meeting.
  3. Attendance at the PTF Annual Scholarship Recognition and Mentoring Program events (fall/spring).
  4. Attendance at the CEAS Engineering Expo career fair (3 minimum contacts required), and register/update profile on BroncoJOBS by September 30 after freshman year of study.
  5. Join Ts’ai Lun Registered Student Organization (RSO) each semester of study as a dues-paying member at $10 per semester AND attend four Ts’ai Lun RSO meetings per year (two meetings per semester) to learn about industry jobs and corporations.
  6. Attend at least one industry field trip or employer night each semester.
  7. An in-person meeting to review resume and/or mock interview with Recruiter or PTF Managing Director every fall.
  8. Periodic review of professional career and academic progression by the PTF Managing Director.
  9. Must have held an internship or co-op by junior year completion to be eligible for a senior year Performance-Based scholarship or must have held an internship by sophomore year to be eligible for a Competitive or Leadership Scholarship.

  10. Volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per semester for Paper activities.

* Year of study refers to the class/level in the paper engineering program.

Lack of participation at the ChP/PTF sponsored events and not achieving these requirements will result in your PTF Scholarship Award being rescinded and will be taken into consideration when awarding future PTF Scholarships. PTF scholarships are awarded on a funds available basis.

View the 2014–15 Ts'ai Lun calendar (.pdf format)

Ts'ai Lun/TAPPI student officers 2015 contact information:

President: Lexi Pierce; alexandria.l.pierce@wmich.edu
Vice President: Kevin Bussa; Kevin.j.Bussa@wmich.edu
Treasurer: Andrew Kathan; andrew.d.kathan@wmich.edu
Secretary: Taylor Baranski; taylor.a.baranski@wmich.edu
Public Relations: Lance McCauley; lance.mccauley@wmich.edu
Student Mentor: Kate Miller; katherine.miller@wmich.edu

Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/wmupaperengineering

*Be sure to check your email and the Ts’ai Lun page for information about running and elections.