• Who says kids can't write?

We will not be holding the competition this year (2015-16) due to a lack of funding.

Do you love to write? Are you passionate about expressing yourself through words and language? Are you excited about creating written works that speak to others? You’re not alone!

While there is a lot of criticism directed at the communication skills of today’s teenagers—with many of these so-called deficiencies attributed to increased exposure to the media and the use of technology—we believe that students today are just as passionate, creative, and talented as ever. And they are writing—perhaps more than ever before. One problem with the role of technology in modern society is that it is too easy for individual voices to be drowned out. We want to encourage and recognize excellence in young writers—and help them to maximize their talents.

What is the best writing you’ve ever done?

What are you writing that deserves to be recognized?

Submit your entries to The Best Midwestern High School Writing: A Celebration and Recognition of Outstanding Prose.