Help develop and name the new GoWMU experience
Posted by Gary Barton on January 24, 2022

Your input is needed!
Take a quick survey and help develop and name the new GoWMU.

The Connected Campus Project is replacing the current GoWMU portal. The project will provide a single digital source of internal information, technology access, knowledge base articles, services, academic support, and engagement. It will focus students, faculty, and staff toward an experience that is personalized, efficient, smart and predicts their needs.

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Webex Personal Meeting Room - Lobby to stay the same
Posted by Gary Barton on January 21, 2022

On Tuesday, Jan. 18, we announced that Webex personal meeting room meetings would default to requiring meeting attendees to wait in the lobby until the host admits them. This change was to happen later in this month. This change will now NOT occur. The experience of attending a personal meeting room meeting will stay the same. Please disregard the previous message.

Slido is now part of Webex
Posted by Gary Barton on December 17, 2021

Slido the software used to create live polls, audience Q&A and quizzes is now part of Webex (Meeting and Webinars).

It’s never been easier to collect ideas, opinions, and feedback from your team. Slido lets you create polls in seconds and interact with everyone directly in your Webex Meetings and Webinars.

Learn more and how to log in:

Learn how to make your meetings come alive:

New phishing attack: Fraudulent COVID test emails targeting WMU addresses
Posted by Dylan Ledbetter on December 1, 2021

Please be aware that Western Michigan University is currently being targeted by a phishing campaign which may result in you receiving a fraudulent message. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails to make individuals reveal personal information.

These messages may appear to come from a legitimate source and contain a malicious COVID test result attachment. These messages are not legitimate. Taking any action on messages of this nature may put your Western Michigan University account, as well as your personal and financial information at risk.

What if I've already divulged my personal information?
If you have already clicked the link and divulged your password, change your password as soon as possible and contact the Technology Help Desk at (269) 387-4357 for assistance with ensuring your account is secure.

Visit to learn more about phishing.

Password/passphrase requirement changes to start Nov. 16
Posted by Gary Barton on November 15, 2021

On Nov. 16, the Bronco NetID password/passphrase requirements are getting an update. The next time you change your password, your new password/passphrase will need to be at least 14 characters in length. With this change, employees and students will only need to change their password/passphrase once every two years. Alumni, retirees/emeriti, and affiliates will still be required to change their passwords/passphrases annually.

What do you need to do today?
Review the password/passphrase guidelines to be ready the next time you change your password.

To keep accounts active alumni, retirees/emeriti, and affiliates will still need to change their passwords every year.