Email Single Sign-on Failure
Posted by WMU OIT Help Desk on January 13, 2006

There is an issue with the single sign-on email feature in GoWMU. Generally, in instances when a user experiences a failure, they can either click through the error or access their email through This issue should be resolved with the next release of the portal software --kw, --ek

IMAP server running slowly
Posted by WMU OIT Help Desk on January 12, 2006

The IMAP server was running very slow causing some e-mail clients to timeout when trying to connect to the server. The issue was fixed around 11:00 a.m. -CLM

Password changes and GoWMU
Posted by WMU OIT Help Desk on January 10, 2006

Currently, the GoWMU servers are pointing to the backup authentication server for synchronizing Bronco NetID accounts. There is now a latency between GoWMU (Luminus) and the authentication server whenever a password changes. The password change latency could be up to five minutes and, once again, only occurs when a password has been changed. The only system affected is GoWMU. All other systems are authenticating to the primary authentication server. Current plans are to keep GoWMU synchronizing with the backup server until the cause of the periodical fail overs can be determined. -ek

GOWMU down
Posted by WMU OIT Help Desk on January 9, 2006

GL reported that GOWMU was down on Monday afternoon, January 9, 2005. It was down for about an hour. -ek

Email/LDAP Issues
Posted by WMU OIT Help Desk on November 29, 2005

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the servers that process LDAP. This directly impacts the WMU email system causing access to it to be denied periodically. OIT technicians are working with SUN technicians to resolve these issues. Information will be forthcoming as it becomes available -ek