Embedded Systems Venture

Western Michigan University's embedded systems venture program is an 18-credit-hour undergraduate certificate program composed of courses from the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. It is designed to help students gain professional experience with embedded, mobile and real-time system development.

Program objective are:

  • To serve students by providing them with excellent education and practical experience. The venture will also provide students with hands-on experience, innovative ideas, introduce them to industry trends, and guide them to investigate novel ideas in embedded, mobile and pervasive systems.
  • Focus on utilizing Operational Research, Analytics and Machine Learning techniques to build highly scalable, secure, and resilient embedded and mobile solutions.

Beyond the classroom

Participating students will operate a full-scale consulting and development firm that specializes in embedded, mobile and real-time systems. The firm will offer research, design, development and technical documentation services to real-world clients including for-profit corporations and non-profit organizations. This will ultimately serve both industry and the local community by conducting interdisciplinary research and promoting economic development through harnessing the latest in embedded and mobile technologies.

After you graduate

Only undergraduate students currently enrolled at WMU are eligible to enroll in the embedded systems venture certificate. It is currently not available as a stand-alone certificate program. This certificate is intended for computer science and electrical and computer engineering undergraduate majors.

Recent WMU graduates with certificates in embedded systems venture are working as:

  • Computer technicians
  • Computer-aided design technicians
  • Corporate trainers
  • Data technicians
  • Electrical engineers
  • Engineers
  • Network managers
  • Planners
  • Project managers
  • Researchers
  • Software engineers
  • Systems analysts
  • Systems programmers
  • Web designers

Among the companies they work for are:

  • Blue Granite
  • Borgess Health Alliance
  • Consumers Energy
  • Dana Corporation
  • General Motors
  • Haworth Inc.
  • Johnson Controls
  • Smiths Aerospace
  • Segway Inc.
  • The Boeing Company

Where is this program offered?

  • Kalamazoo

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