The Profession and Opportunities

What do spada graduates do?

Western Michigan University's specialty program in alcohol and drug abuse course of study addresses varied aspects of service delivery such as continuum of care, prevention, assessment, treatment and clinical supervision. Professionals in various fields such as psychology, social work, corrections, sociology, management and community education use the knowledge and skills they acquire through the program to specialize in a variety of job settings where substance use disorders demand attention.

Where do spada graduates work?

Completion of the specialty program in alcohol and drug abuse enhances employability for a number of careers in both public and private sectors. Some examples are:

  • Private practice
  • Inpatient, residential and outpatient chemical dependency treatment programs
  • Public schools, colleges and universities
  • Public health organizations
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Local, state and federal substance abuse policy-making organizations
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Churches