GO WEST. | Matt

It's almost unheard of for someone this young to be accepted into the occupational-therapy program, but here he is. Matt's internship in high school with a local nursing home gave him the experience necessary to be admitted early to the program at WMU.

Through the internship, Matt assisted an occupational therapist in geriatrics and got the opportunity to actually help patients. If he didn't know he was interested before, the internship sealed it. He applied to Western, then to the OT program, and he's on his way.

"Western has the best OT program in the state," he says. He has no doubt he'll be able to get a job anywhere he wants in populations ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. The program is that good.

Matt's passion for his burgeoning career is evident. As is his passion for Bronco hockey and mustard. Just don't put it on a Twix®.