Therapy Dogs Visit Senior Day Services

Sociology professor, Dr. Angie Moe, has begun to bring her therapy dogs (Sunny and Oreo) to visit participants at Senior Day Services.

Oreo, the therapy dog visiting with a participant.

Starting in April, Dr. Moe brought her therapy dogs for a visit with our participants that attend SDS. Sunny has a way of lighting up the room and putting smiles on everyone’s faces. The goal of pet therapy is to engage with folks, and to help stimulate conversation and interaction. The dogs blend with whatever is happening, complimenting rather than interfering. Sunny and Oreo made many meaningful connections with several of the participants. Senior Day Services will be offering pet therapy with Dr. Moe one Monday per month.

Sunny and Oreo are registered therapy animals through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Along with handler, Dr. Angie Moe, they visit people in settings throughout the Midwest.