CHHS student highlight Samantha Jablonski

I am Samantha Jablonski, a proud Western Michigan University Alum and a current Master of Public Health student at Wayne State University. Three years ago, I started my involvement with AHEC in a mentoring program through the Van Buren school district. My first year I worked with a student who would be a first generation college student and wanted to pursue a health professional career. We worked together to set short and long-term goals in order for him to get excepted in a great college and program. We would discuss likes, dislikes, how to research college admission requirements, self-care and more! I believe that the work we did was very beneficial because he was in his Junior year prepping to take the SAT.

My second year with the mentoring program I worked with two girls who both wanted to be nurses. The girls were organized and understood that college was something they would have to work very hard for. My role was a little different in my second year, being that I was not able to meet as frequently-yet the girls always met with questions of guidance and even just about my lifestyle at college.

I speak very highly of mentoring because the students were able to get information from someone going through what they would soon be experiencing. I appreciate that the students were able to ask for honest, raw answers- something I personally never got the chance to do. I was able to communicate with them on goal setting for themselves and professional aspirations. Furthermore, the professional staff in AHEC work year round to improve the program and the overall experience of the students. Thank you!