Students working on a project at Fort St. JosephThe Department of Anthropology at Western Michigan University offers:

  • Courses exploring a range of questions that help you examine our global world both historically and contemporaneously.
  • Faculty specializing in cultural and linguistic anthropology, archaeology and biological anthropology.
  • Fundamental courses on the anthropological approach as well as courses addressing a wide range of interests such as museum anthropology, rock art of India, historical archaeology, race, biology and culture, primate behavior and ecology, early technologies, food and eating, spirits and medicine, ethnographic fiction, paleopathology, language and identity, and Central Asian, African, Asian and Latin American cultures.
  • The four-field (cultural, linguistic, archaeology and biological) integrative approach provides you with all of the tools necessary to explore and understand our multicultural world.
  • We fully embrace a holistic vision for understanding the human condition.

Through classwork, field experiences and mentoring, the department prides itself on preparing students to think critically and to communicate effectively about the complexities of what it means to be human.

Department of Anthropology Fact Sheet

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