Past Cultural Anthropology Thesis Topics

The Department of Anthropology at Western Michigan University offers a sampling of past cultural anthropology thesis topics.

Undergraduate honors theses

  • "Housing Policies in Post-Apartheid South Africa"
  • "Queer as Volk: Toward an Anthropology of Gay Turks in Berlin"
  • "Youth Identity and Travel Narratives: An Exploration of Physical and Cultural Spaces"

Graduate theses

  • "A Multiplicity of Goals in a Migrant Household"
  • "African American Women's Perceptions of Prenatal Care"
  • "Community Empowerment and Social Policy Design: A Case Study of the Creation of a School-Based Health Center"
  • "History, Mission, and Visitors at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum in Kalamazoo, Michigan: a Study of the Museum as Cultural Practice"
  • "Job Satisfaction of West Michigan Certified Nurse Midwives: A Qualitative Study of Autonomy and Empowerment in the Provision of Health Care"
  • "Kampo Consumption among Japanese Students at Western Michigan University: A Case Study in Medical Pluralism"
  • "Negotiated Families: Lesbians and Institutions in Southwest Michigan"
  • "Re-Cycling the Menstrual Cycle: A Multidisciplinary Reinterpretation of Menstruation"
  • "Reading Between the Lines: The Business Discourse of Globalization, Using Amway Corp. as a Local Example"
  • "Responsibility, Submission and Power; Social Factors which Influence Rural Out-migration Among Women in Southern Vietnam"
  • "The Suburban Rice Farmers: Economic and Cultural Change in Japan"