Parade in a town in Cuba.

Dr. Kristina Wirtz does research in Cuba.

The faculty in the Department of Anthropology at Western Michigan University are involved in a variety of research initiatives.

  • Dr. Bilinda Straight's collaborative project on the history and health of pastoralists in East Africa.
  • Drs. Jon Holtzman and Bilinda Straight's complimentary projects on gender in small arms warfare and cattle raiding in East Africa.
  • Dr. Kristina Wirtz's study of community and religious practice in Cuba.
  • Dr. Laura Spielvogel's projects on entertainment and exercise in Japan.
  • Dr. Sarah Hill's research on garbage and recycling around the world.
  • Dr. Sarah Hill's involvement in improving Kalamazoo's energy resource management and PCB cleanup of the Kalamazoo River Superfund site.
  • Dr. Vincent Lyon-Callo's projects exploring poverty and homelessness.
  • Dr. Vincent Lyon-Callo's research and advocacy on homelessness in Kalamazoo.

Collaborating faculty

The following WMU faculty in other departments collaborate on anthropology projects and research:

Fort St. Joseph

Making archaeology accessible to the public is a major goal of the Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project, which is unearthing and interpreting the community’s history.

Virtual museum

WMU students have created virtual exhibits that establish permanent and useful guides for various topics. Contact Dr. Belinda Straight for more information.