B.A. in Art Admissions

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Having chosen the Frostic School of Art for your creative studies, we want to get a sense of who you are as an artist. The following instructions and guidelines for your statement of intent, portfolio and recommendation form should help you with the application process. All applications must be submitted using the online platform through Slideroom at frosticart.slideroom.com. Slideroom charges a $10 fee at the time of submission.

Frostic School of Art Application Process

Statement of intent

The purpose of the statement of intent is to give us a sense of your creative aspirations, ideas, and goals. Statements of intent can be powerful narratives that convey a strong sense of who you are as a creative individual—they can be humorous, poignant, startling, and inventive. Slideroom will limit your statement to 2,000 characters. Be specific and clear when crafting your statement. Keep your statement in the present tense. Avoid using generalities and clichés (I’ve always been an artist” or “My work is about my emotions.”) Use spell check. Ask someone you trust proofread it.

The following questions may help as you construct your statement:    

  • Why have you chosen the Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University for your undergraduate education?
  • What is your work about? Are there particular themes you are exploring?
  • Of the work you have submitted, which are you most proud of and why?
  • What are your creative goals?
  • What are your interests as an artist? Are there materials or processes that especially engage you?
  • What or who has influenced you the most and how?
  • What artists or art movements are you interested in?
  • What have you read or what websites have you visited recently that have influenced your thinking about art? How?


The portfolio is an essential piece of how we get to know you as an artist and evaluate your skills and talent. A complete portfolio includes 8-10 original (not copied) works created within the last two years. Your portfolio should showcase your artistic strengths and abilities. The pieces in your portfolio can be assignments from art classes; we strongly encourage you to include pieces that reflect your individual ideas, talents, and inspirations.

Portfolios should include the following:

  1. At least one example of direct observation drawing
    • Subject matter should be recognizable
    • Can include traditional or non-traditional materials
    • Demonstrate understanding of proportions
  2. At least one example at 2-dimensional artwork
    • Can include printmedia, painting, experimental drawing, design or collage (not photography)
  3. Four to six examples of strongest artwork
    • Can include drawing, painting, printmedia, graphic design, photography, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, video, performance art or any other form of visual art that you have created

*For details on preparing and formatting your digital and video artwork, visit Slideroom’s Applicant FAQ.

Recommendation form

A recommendation form is required piece of the application process that should be completed by a person who is familiar with you artistic abilities (i.e., an art instructor, counselor, or teacher). The recommendation form is sent through Slideroom to the person of your choosing’s email.

Letter of notification

A letter of notification is sent to each applicant approximately four weeks after the application deadline detailing one of the three following actions:

  • Accepted: Applicant is accepted into the Frostic School of Art
  • Waitlist: If space becomes available, the applicant will be notified
  • Admission denied: Application has not been granted acceptance to the Frostic School of Art.

Applicant may choose to apply again the following semester or take indicated courses to build their portfolio.

*After successful completion of Foundation Art courses, students have an opportunity to continue on the B.A. track or apply to their choice of a B.F.A. program


The Frostic School of Art employs rolling admission; prospective students are invited to submit their application and portfolio anytime.

For scholarship consideration, applicants should apply before February 1. 

If you haven any questions about the Frostic School of Art or the application process, please feel free to contact the Manager of Recruitment and Outreach, Natalie Faculak, at (269) 387-2473 or natalie.a.faculak@wmich.edu.