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The Inland See: Contemporary Art Around Lake Michigan

September 6 – October 6, 2007

Monroe-Brown Gallery

James Yood, curator

Lake Michigan is America's Great Lake; it is the only one of the five Great Lakes that does not share a border with Canada. The four states that surround Lake Michigan – Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin – all have large populations of artists, superb cultural and academic institutions, etc., and yet the history of Midwestern Art is largely un- or misarticulated.

The Inland See argues for the significance of place as an element helping to construct the vision of many artists living in this region. It will define the special nature of contemporary Midwestern Art, distinct; say from the art produced on the East or West coast America.

Place is defined not only as geography, but is also tied to local traditions that have come to create the special character and context of Midwestern Art.

The Inland See artists

Illinois: Candida Alvarez, Cheonae Kim, Anna Kunz, Jason Salavon, Ben Whitehouse

Indiana: Kay Rosen, David Russick, Maria Tomasula, Tom Torluemke, Jeffrey Wolin

Michigan: Kasarian Dane, Beverly Fishman, Tyree Guyton and the Heidelberg Project, Jane Lackey, Albert Young

Wisconsin: Santiago Cucullu, Aristotle Georgiades and Gail Simpson, Cindy Loehr, Harvey Opgenorth, Tyson Reeder