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NYPOP Emerging Curators Series III Plain Sight

January 14 - February 05, 2016

Monroe-Brown Gallery

Tom McGlynn, curator

Andrea Arrubla
Doug Ashford
Ivin Ballen
Hasan Elahi
Joe Fyfe

Aaron Gemmill
Tai Yin Ho
Jacob Kassay
Alex Lombard
Libby Rothfeld
Matthew Schrader
Sorry Archive (Vanessa Thill, Claire Mirocha)
Carrie Yamaoka

Plain Sight is comprised of a group of emerging and established contemporary artists from New York City whose individual aesthetics share a generic affect. These artists share
 a presentational mode that is minimally- determined and abstract, in both literal and figurative ways, yet each artist’s works sound of a unique voice. Plain Sight hopes to
make manifest the un-mediating potential of the generic impulse: the interruption of the representational conundrum of hyper- mediation (or the over-determined representations of contemporary image culture) in order to unlock the radically immanent potential of the more plainly seen.

The New York Professional Outreach Program’s (NYPOP) Emerging Curators Series is in conjunction with the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and WMU’s Gwen Frostic School of Art. NYPOP is about making connections that lead to a career in the visual arts. The program brings university students to the work places of contemporary professionals in New York City and exhibitions back to the University and regional community.

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