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RCVA 10th Anniversary Exhibition: Curtis Rhodes & John M. "Jack" Carney

February 16 March 24, 2017

Monroe-Brown Gallery

Featuring recent work by Curtis Rhodes and John M. “Jack” Carney, TIME, LOCATION, SPACE emphasizes the diverse but corresponding ways in which Rhodes and Carney engage temporal experience and the passage of time, cultural icons and archetypes, landscape and memory, as well as light, architecture, and monumental, natural forms. Rhodes’ large-scale mixed media paintings and Carney’s black-and-white photographs (carbon pigment prints) mobilize the intersection of past, present, and future time through portrayals of specific spaces these two artists have encountered on their various individual travels.

Luminous and richly layered, Rhodes’ dense compositions seamlessly bridge representation and abstraction, summoning a subtle yet distinct dialogue with ancient cultures, including sacred Australian Aboriginal sites, pre-Columbian and Mesoamerican histories, or such locations as Machu Picchu in Peru, among others. Seeking to expand the “possibilities of the ineffable,” Rhodes often depicts remote landscapes, incorporating allusions to the cosmos and what he has referred to as “archaic mystic poetry.”

Sumptuous in their range of black and white tones, Carney’s technically sophisticated photographs capture the vibrations of artificial and natural light in both urban and rural sites throughout the United States—from deserted Wyoming gas stations to Utah’s Valley of the Gods and New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge. Often focusing on what he calls the “aesthetics of time”—how landscapes can be transformed into a theatrical stage—light materializes as a distinct character in Carney’s work.

Rhodes and Carney joined the art faculty at Western Michigan University in 1966, retiring in 2004 and 2000 respectively. In addition to teaching a variety of fine arts, art history and theory classes, Rhodes also served as curator of the print collection, acquiring works by major national and international artists which today form the core of WMU’s print collection. Likewise instrumental to the growth of the Gwen Frostic School of Art, Carney taught graphic and foundations design courses and established the photography area BFA and MFA degree programs in 1972. The Richmond Center for Visual Arts is thrilled to present TIME, LOCATION, SPACE as part of its 10th anniversary year.