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Edward Ramsay-Morin: Animations

September 4 – October 15, 2017

Atrium Gallery, 1st and 2nd floor

Adriane Little, curator


I am not certain if there is a distinct signature in my work; however, there are fundamental themes that unify and inform my artistic practice. From an interest in navigating between the nuances of the singular and the regularity of the multiple, I tend to start with simple visual systems, moving towards complexity through repetition and subtle variation. I employ symmetry to suggest cycles and processes of regeneration and renewal. Themes of transformation provide opportunities to examine the subconscious, mysticism, and myth.

My creative practice is driven by a need to make connections and answer questions, rather than a need to realize a predetermined idea or concept. I would describe my creative process as being responsive, relying on intuition and the automatic. Ideas emerge as fragments and impulses. It is through the act of making that I seek to understand these impulses and find connections. Process may lead to structure, but not always understanding. Though I strive for both, the end result often does not lead to resolution, but instead provides a space for future contemplation.

9/5/17 9/17/17

9/18/17 10/1/17

As Dreams Sometimes Do
10/2/17 10/15/17


Edward Ramsay-Morin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art at Sam Houston State University. His work includes experimental animation and animation for children. His films have been screened at festivals and galleries in over 60 events in 11 countries. He lives in Huntsville, Texas with his wife and daughter, both of whom are his favorite artists.

To see more of Edward's work, visit http://www.edwardramsaymorin.com