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12 Gardens

Tom Rose

Minneapolis, Minn.

Medium: Galvanized steel, Cedar boards
Dimensions: 8' x 24' x 8'

Interior and exterior are theoretical places, they exist as real space and fictional. As such they have narrative structure but not necessarily narrative content. My interest is in the ability for fragments to suggest wholes. The house and the garden are connected. This project began with a work done in collaboration with Tom Oslund, a landscape architect I have worked with on several former projects. We designed and constructed a garden as a portable space, which could transcend specific place. My intention here is to explore that idea further. The prefabricated steel structure is assembled on the site and is "attached" to the space by construction of a formal garden grid.

The work is intended to be interactive and functional. The structure is a platform for students to sit and view the area. It can be entered and enjoyed. The garden-walked through and felt. The trellis provides support for the ivy, which is planted to grow up both and across the top of the steel structure.

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