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Dora Natella

Eugene, Ore.

Medium: Cast Bronze
Dimensions: 11' x 6' x 6'

The sculpture "Gaia" or "Gaea" in Greek mythology personified the earth. In 2000 Dora produced this eleven foot tall sculpture for the Pier Walk 2000, one of the largest outdoor sculpture exhibitions in the U.S., which is held each year at the Navy Pier in Chicago. This bronze sculpture is a massive rendering of a split woman figure, a deep gash down the side of one of the two faces, a tangle of willow roots and branches amass at the figure's feet rise through her torso and extend beyond her head. The piece is a tribute to the earth mother goddess and a symbol of the current state of the planet. Dora hopes that "this sculpture will inspire people to have more awareness of the earth's fragility."

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