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Mike Rathbun

Minneapolis, Minn.

Medium: Poplar
Dimensions: 16' x 51.5' x 25'

I used to have a recurring dream. It went like this: I did something that wrecked the entire world and everyone knew that I did it.


I am trying to find Epiphanies. These are moments when for reasons that I cannot explain, I seem to be connected to something outside of myself. This happens when a set of circumstances arise and are triggered by something: a song, a view, an idea. I then feel an emotional swell that is so profound that it becomes physical. I experience a moment of clarity; clarity about what I don't know. It is a glimpse of something that seems to be the most important thing! It is like something that is up and just to the right of my vision and when I turn in that direction it seems to move and keep pace with my turning. Then another set of circumstances cloud it and it is gone.

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