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Visiting Artist: Dejan Atanackovic

October 31, 2006
Sangren Hall, room 2320
7 p.m.

Since 1994, the visual art projects by Dejan Atanackovic – personal work and curatorial projects – have been presented internationally in numerous exhibitions in the form of video installation, music, and public intervention as well as curatorial concepts featuring works of artists, art students and psychiatric patients. His works have been selected for international art festivals in Florence, Milan, Belgrade, Sarajevo, and Quebec City among others. In collaboration with Belgrade's Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKd), he developed a public art project entitled Perfect Future (CD-ROM, posters, billboards and gallery installations) produced by the Center and financed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1999-2001).

Since September 2000 Dejar has been teaching multimedia at the US university program Studio Art Centers International (SACI) in Florence, Italy. In 2001 he initiated the Outside, a project of international cultural and didactic exchange, accomplished through seminars and workshops in the field of visual art and culture. Atanackovic is the author of the Outside Project book Letters on the Body: Projects for a Sustainable Sacred, for the publisher Morgana Edizioni, Florence 2003. In collaboration with Oscar Antino, he is also the author of the Outside Project web site. At the competition Premio Web Italia, this web site was awarded Best Design in 2003.

Since June 2003, Atanackovic's multimedia installation Golem Project has been presented in Belgrade (Belgrade Cultural Center and October Salon), Sarajevo (Winter Festival) and in Florence (La Corte Arte Contemporanea). In 2004 he curated an exhibition entitled Infinity Enclosed, on the theme of memory, death and desire in contemporary Italian art, with works by Robert Gligorov, Luca Matti, Aroldo Marinai, Melania Lanzini and Krista Steinhauer (Belgrade Cultural Center, SACI Gallery). Dejan Atanackovic is currently living and working in Florence and Belgrade.

Nov. 2 to 17
Multimedia Installation
Gallery II, Sangren Hall