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Visiting Artist: Charles Garoian

October 19, 2006
Dalton Center Multimedia Room
7 p.m.

Charles Garoian comes to Western Michigan University as a noted performance artist and art educator. He is the Director of the School of Visual Arts at Pennsylvania State University since 1999 and a Professor of Art Education there since 1991. At WMU, he will conduct workshops with art education students and give a performance in the Dalton Center Multi-Media Room. He has performed, lectured and presented workshops in such places as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Cleveland Performance Art Festival, the Werkleitz Biennale in Germany, The University of Bristol in England, the Robert McDougall Art Gallery and the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dr. Garoian earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1984, and has seventeen years of experience teaching high school art. A performance artist since 1970, he has developed and implemented critical thinking processes in visual art studio and art history courses based on the radical strategies of performance art. He used similar methods to develop interdisciplinary and intercultural programming and outreach at the Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State. Most recently he was a featured performer at the William Saroyan Festival in Fresno, California, and the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.