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Visiting Artist: Lucy Lippard

September 30, 2010
Dalton Recital Hall
5:30 p.m.

In conjunction with the conference for the Society of Photographic Education Midwest Region.

Lucy Lippard is one of the country's leading feminists, a celebrated art critic, author, and theorist. Lippard studied at Smith College where she earned a B.A. in 1958 and an M.A. in 1962 from New York University. Since 1966, Lippard has published 20 books on feminism, art, politics, and place. She has curated over fifty exhibitions and has edited several independent publications, the latest of which is the decidedly local, La Puente de Galisteo, in her home community in New Mexico.

She has received numerous awards and accolades including; a Guggenheim Fellowship (1968), National Endowment for the Arts grant (1972-73), the Frank Jewett Mather award for art criticism given by the College Art Association (1976), a second NEA grant (1976-77), Award for Curatorial Excellence presented by The Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College (2010). Lippard has received Honorary Doctorates in Fine Art from the Moore College of Art, the San Francisco Art Institute, the Maine College of Art, the Massachusetts College of Art and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Lippard has been a columnist for the Artforum, Village Voice, In These Times and Z Magazine.

Cofounder of Printed Matter, the Heresies Collective, Political Art Documentation/ Distribution, Artists Call Against U.S. Intervention in Central America, and other artist's organizations. She has infused aesthetics with politics, and disdained disinterestedness for ethical activism.

An early organizer and cofounder of several feminist art organizations, Lippard says she is 100 percent feminist. "For 10 years or so I thought and wrote primarily about women in art, women in politics and in society. It certainly changed me for the better."

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