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Visiting Artist: Ginger Sheridan

February 21, 2012
Photography and Intermedia Light Studio
2 p.m.

Ginger Sheridan started photographing when she was eight years old, using her sister's super hip Polaroid Swinger. When the images did not live up to her expectations, she began experimenting with petroleum jelly on the lens. Since that time, Ms. Sheridan has seen the camera as a starting point for self-expression, varying her media from large format palladium to digital snapshots. Her work is exhibited locally, throughout the United States and also in western and central Europe. Exhibitions of her work in the last six months include Santa Trinita Gallery, in Florence, Italy and the Gruen Gallery in Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

Ms. Sheridan is also an avid lecturer, both in the U.S. and Europe. She speaks on her own work, the history of photography, best practices in art exhibitions and international education. She has spoken at the American Embassy, in Prague, Czech Republic, as well as her local branch of the public library. She has spoken at the Society of Photographic Educators, the Southeaster College Art Conference and numerous times at the College Art Association Annual Conference.

Currently ranked as Assistant Professor of Art in photography at Jacksonville University, Ms. Sheridan holds a Master of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in photography from Ohio University as well as a Master of Arts degree with a concentration on the history and criticism of art from Florida State University. She teaches for Jacksonville University every summer in Florence, Italy and Paris, France.