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Visiting Artist: Patricia Belli

March 20, 2014
Richmond Center for Visual Arts
5:30 p.m.

Patricia Belli will do a one-day seminar with B.F.A. majors of any discipline and will lecture on her work as an artist and as the director of the artist association EspIRA. The seminar conversation will focus the use of materials and the engagement of conceptually driven artwork whatever the medium. Patricia Belli is internationally known for her work with emerging artists in Central America as well as for her own work. Her work has been part of the Sao Paolo Biennial, the Havanna Biennial and numerous solo and group exhibitions, internationally. 

It is important to note that Patricia Belli formed an integral part of Trace + Gestures: Kalamazoo<>Granada.  She was the third professor that was involved in the 25 artist collaborative on-site installations and artworks that were generated in Granada in October of 2012 during 10 days. 10 Students from Western Michigan University worked collaboratively with 15 emerging artists from Central America in Nicaragua. She is a gifted artist and an insightful teacher, I hope, through this visit to expose the rest of our WMU student community and our faculty to her important work as an artist and educator.