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Visiting Artists: Jim Hopfensperger & Jason Lahr

October 1, 2015
Richmond Center for Visual Arts
room 2008 at 5:30 p.m.

Jason Lahr & Jim Hopfensperger:
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

Overcoming their modest working class beginnings, Jim Hopfensperger and Jason Lahr represent the drive and work ethic that is at the core of the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers. At first glance, their work couldn’t be more different. While Hopfensperger’s delicately constructed furniture pieces are a study in understated craft, Lahr’s narrative paintings are a collision of popular and sub-cultural references over grounds of acid color and pixelated fields.

However, the artists share a shrewd disassembly and reconfiguration of their respective media. Hopfensperger channels the Arts and Crafts movement through a postmodern filter, while Lahr’s work stands as a meditation on the possibilities of painting in the midst of screen culture. For each artist, these concerns are articulated through a meticulous attention to detail and the deployment of fastidious craft.