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Visiting Artist: Lisa Pressman

October 6, 2016
Richmond Center for Visual Arts
room 2008 at 5:30 p.m.

Lisa Pressman began her studies in ceramics, sculpture and painting at Douglass College, NJ, where she received a Bachelor of Art. She continued her studies at Bard College and completed an MFA in painting.

Her paintings incorporate oils, collage, wax and other mixed media to create works that allude to a personalized time and space. The work is the physical embodiment of the slow and gradual process of realization and transformation. She creates paintings that draw from the place of “not knowing” and exploration. Her work reveals images that many people have lost sight of, images that communicate to a place deeper than words. The paintings invite a deep, visceral response that evolves over time; they have a life of their own.


From the Heart
12” x 12”, Oil on panel, 2015