2019 Alumni Achievement Awards

Western Michigan University College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Achievement Awards logoThe College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University is proud to announce the 2019 Alumni Achievement Award winners and to celebrate the outstanding contributions made by these 22 influential alumni. These individuals were recognized at our Alumni Achievement Awards reception in Oct. 2019.

2019 awards booklet

Photo album of 2019 winners

Departmental awards

Dr. Colleen Mouw, B.S. '00
Assistant Professor of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island
WMU Department of Biological Sciences

Robert DeRyke, B.S. '02
President and CEO, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems
WMU Department of Chemistry

Dr. Chris Groscurth, B.A. '02, M.A. '04
Director of Learning, Design and Development, Stryker Corporation
WMU School of Communication

Alfredo Hernandez, M.A. '12
Equity Officer, Michigan Department of Civil Rights
WMU Department of Comparative Religion

Dr. Sonila Beliu, Ph.D. '05
Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase
WMU Department of Economics

Cara Lougheed, B.A. '96
High School English and History Teacher, Stoney Creek High School
WMU Department of English

Dr. Michael P. Bishop, B.S. '82
Professor of Physical Geography, Texas A&M University
WMU Department of Geography

Dr. Thomas Robyn, B.A. '72
Retired Consultant and Administrator
WMU Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences

Kathleen Fish, B.A. '11
Attorney, Ellis Porter PLC
WMU Global and International Studies program

Mark Lee, B.A. '95, B.S. '95
Founder and CEO, Better World Builders, LLC
WMU Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Dr. John Knapp II, Ph.D. '72
Author and retired professor
WMU Mallinson Institute for Science Education

Kevin Dykema, M.A. '99
Mathematics Teacher, Mattawan Consolidated School District
WMU Department of Mathematics

Dr. David P. Hoogerheide, B.S. '04
Research Physicist, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Center for Neutron Research
WMU Department of Physics

Dr. Katia Levintova, Ph.D. '04
Professor of Political Science and Global Studies, University of Wisconsin–Green Bay
WMU Department of Political Science

Dr. Caio Miguel, Ph.D. '04
Professor of Psychology and Director of the Verbal Behavior Research Laboratory, California State University, Sacramento
WMU Department of Psychology

Geoffrey E. Kaituko, M.P.A. '06
Special Secretary and Advisor, Social Sector, the Executive Office of the Deputy President, Republic of Kenya
WMU School of Public Affairs and Administration

Dr. Rose Marie Brougham, B.A. '93, B.A. '96, M.A. '99
Associate Professor of Spanish University of Wisconsin–La Crosse
WMU Department of Spanish

Dr. Rebecca Scherzer, B.S. '95, M.S. '97, Ph.D. '06
Director of Biostatistics, Kidney Health Research Collaborative at the University of California, San Francisco
WMU Department of Statistics

Dr. Seven Mattes, B.A. '07
Assistant Professor, Center for Integrative Studies, Michigan State University
WMU Department of World Languages and Literatures

WMU Pillar Awards

Learner centered

Richard Cahow, B.A. '70, M.A. '77
Social Studies Teacher and Department Chair, Kalamazoo Central High School
WMU Department of History

Discovery driven

Dr. Melissa Cheyney, M.A. '97
Associate Professor of Clinical Medical Anthropology, Oregon State University
WMU Institute for Intercultural and Anthropological Studies

Globally engaged

Dr. JC Lau, M.A. '07
Producer, Harebrained Schemes
WMU Department of Philosophy

WMU Distinguished Alumni Award

Dr. Roger C. Steininger, B.S. '64
Consulting Geologist, Steininger Consulting
WMU Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
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