International Event Support Award

The Western Michigan University College of Arts and Sciences International Committee invites proposals from College of Arts and Sciences faculty members seeking funds to support activities related to global engagement.

Award selection

Up to $1000 may be awarded by the committee for such activities as:

  • Conference or workshop support at Western Michigan University
  • Faculty/staff/student reading groups
  • Visiting scholar events


March 31 and Oct. 31

No late proposal applications will be considered.

This award will be offered for the deadlines listed as long as funds are available.


Complete applications will include:

  1. Name and department of the faculty member seeking the funds
  2. A description of the activity for which funds are sought, including expected completion dates and a clear explanation of how the activity enhances global engagement
  3. A budget and description of any additional funds, such as departmental contributions, that have been sought or received
  4. An email or note from the requesting faculty member’s department chair acknowledging awareness of and support for this request

All awards are subject to final budgetary approval and authorization by the dean of the College. Please also note that, if awarded, funds must be used by June 30 of the following calendar year.

Submit to:

College of Arts and Sciences International Committee
2304 Friedmann Hall, Mail Stop 5308
Kalamazoo MI 49009-5308 USA


Please do not hesitate to contact the College of Arts and Sciences dean’s office with any questions or concerns.