Staff Professional Development Award

As part of its commitment to being innovative and learner-centered, the College of Arts and Sciences at Western Michigan University appreciates the value of staff development opportunities. In recognition of the critical contribution staff make to the full range of the University’s many successes, this award provides support for the purchase of materials and the cultivation of experiences to enhance their professional development.

Examples of this award’s scope

  • Assist with expenses for a conference or workshop related to CAS core values and the strategic plan.
  • Provide tuition assistance for staff wishing to audit University courses.
  • Purchase materials related to the individual’s professional development.

Award information

  • All awards are subject to final budgetary approval and authorization by the dean of the college.
  • Funds must be used in accordance with University procedures and for the purpose for which they were awarded.
  • Full time or part-time staff employed in any College of Arts and Sciences unit may request up to $1000. Preference will be given to those who have not received this award within the last three years.
  • To remain eligible for a subsequent award, recipients must submit a brief final report to the dean within three months of the end of the award period that includes a summary of how the money was spent and how it will impact their career.


Feb. 15 and Oct. 1

This award will be offered for the deadlines listed as long as funds are available.


Applicants should make sure the completed form is signed by their supervisor and sent along with any attachments to the College of Arts and Sciences Office of the Dean by the deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.

Staff application form

Chair/director support form


College of Arts and Sciences Office of the Dean:

Submit application as a single PDF putting the title of the award (Staff Professional Development Award) and applicant name in the subject line of the email. Chair/director support forms may be submitted separately, but should contain title of award and applicant's name in the subject line of the email. Emails from WMU accounts may serve in place of signatures.

Only online submissions accepted.


Please do not hesitate to contact the College of Arts and Sciences dean’s office with any questions or concerns.

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