Gateways to Completion Program

What is a Gateways course?

Gateway courses are considered to be classes that are high-risk with high enrollment and are often foundational to major subject areas.

What is Gateways to Completion?

The Gateways to Completion program is an exciting initiative to help WMU students achieve success early on in their academic career. "Developed with insight of a distinguished national Advisory Committee, the comprehensive G2C approach provides instructors with a structured, evidence-based course self study process with unparalleled advice and support from the nation's leader in higher education student success."

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The G2C process improves planning and offers engaging pedagogies, analytic tools and expertise from the John N. Gardner Institute.

Success outcomes

By working with instructors to improve foundation level courses, such as biological sciences, chemistry and math, G2C has already seen transformational outcomes, including:

  • Increases in first-to-second semester retention rates
  • Increases in passing grades
  • Lower course repetition
  • Higher performance in sequential courses

How does G2C help you?

Are you taking classes in one or more of the following subjects: biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, physics or psychology?

Through G2C and Student Success Services you can receive academic support for these challenging foundation-level courses by talking to your course instructor or visiting your learning assistant.

Are you in a G2C course?

See our full learning assistant schedule here.


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