Student Course Ratings System


Anthology Student Course Ratings System is a web-based course evaluation tool to help rate courses and instructors. The electronic questionnaire allows students to provide feedback, which is used to improve courses and instruction. All course ratings are confidential. After the course ratings period ends and final grades are posted, instructors can access the results for each course, but they cannot link responses to individual students.

WMU Online Course Evaluations

Your feedback matters

The information students provide in course ratings is extremely important.

  • Faculty use information from student ratings instrument to improve their courses and teaching methods, and to determine whether course content is meeting the needs of their students.
  • Department chairs review course rating data to assess both their faculty, and the value of courses offered in their department.
  • University committees include course rating data as part of faculty reviews, to determine promotion and tenure.

Accessing CLCRS




Student Course Ratings Systems Logging-in links:

Deans and Chairs Login – View reports

Faculty Login – View your own reports

Student Login – Used to complete evaluations                          



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