Giving Day


Thank you for joining the College of Aviation in supporting #WMUGivingDay on April 13th, 2022! 

- 2022 Results -

Total Raised by the College of Aviation: $4,450

Number of Donors: 22

Thank you all! 

Watch the giving day thank you message from Dr. Montgomery here! 


Since 1903, Broncos have been helping fellow Broncos succeed at Western Michigan University. WMU Giving Day is a 24-hour fundraising opportunity for alumni, friends and community members to collectively elevate WMU to become the school of choice in Michigan by supporting philanthropic goals that impact students. It is an opportunity for any area of campus to spotlight their special projects and causes.

You can help College of Aviation students by supporting these critical needs: 

Hundreds of Aviation Broncos receive some sort of financial support from WMU, and much of that support comes from donor-generated giving. Scholarships make a big impact by:

  • Enabling students to stay in school.
  • Ensuring graduates are prepared for their careers.
  • Helping students incur less of a financial burden from student loan debt.
  • Giving students opportunities for enhanced experiences, such as study abroad.

Dean’s Discretionary Fund

Gifts to the Dean’s Discretionary Fund have a significant impact on students through two critical areas:

  • The Alumni and Friends Scholarship Fund—The landscape of higher education has shifted over the years, changing the obstacles students face to complete their degrees. The Scholarship Fund helps students with extenuating circumstances stay on track to graduate from WMU.

  •  Experiential Learning Opportunities—Gifts to this fund provide out-of-the-classroom opportunities for students that sharpen skills and provide real-world experience. Such opportunities include career readiness programming, company visits, travel for academic competitions and conferences, and much more.

Together, we can make a measurable difference in WMU students’ lives. All gifts, in some way, support student success and help Business Broncos graduate prepared for a career they will love.


On April 13th 2022, you can make a gift of any amount by visiting and designating your gift as you choose. Or, you can support College of Aviation.



There are several ways to get involved in addition to making a gift. One option is to build awareness about WMU Giving Day through your own networks using #WMUGivingDay

Watch the college’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for ways to give, as well as regular updates about Giving Day throughout the day on April 13th 2022! 

Aviation Challenges

  • The Personal Record: The top three areas who have the largest percentage increase of unique donors from last year will receive bonus money! The academic school, college, department or program with the largest improvement will receive $3,000. The area with the second largest improvement will receive $2,000 and the third largest improvement will receive $1,000.