A number of scholarships are available for students enrolled at the College of Aviation. Students are encouraged to apply for all scholarships that match their interests, career goals, financial and/or academic needs. To receive immediate notification of new scholarships when they are announced, please sign up for the College of Aviation scholarship feed.

College of Aviation scholarship feed

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Internal scholarships

These internal scholarships are exclusive to the WMU College of Aviation; recipients are internally selected by the College of Aviation after receiving an application from interested students.

  • College of Aviation W.K. Kellogg Foundation Diversity in Aviation Scholarship—
  • College of Aviation General Scholarship Application—

External collaborative scholarships

These external collaborative scholarships are offered through external organizations; scholarship recipients are awarded by external organizations which have a collaborative relationship with the College of Aviation. Since these scholarships are awarded in collaboration with partnering organizations, WMU College of Aviation students are highly encouraged to apply for these scholarships.

Other scholarships

These other scholarships are offered by a variety of external organizations at local, state and national levels; scholarship recipients are selected by participating organizations, the College of Aviation has no input on these awards.

Guidance for applicants

When applying for scholarships, it is important to follow the directions carefully. Scholarship selection committees are very particular, and attention to detail is usually one of the first sorting criteria followed. Therefore, when submitting your scholarship packet, make sure to include all of the requested documents.

For example, certain scholarships may request a resume, cover letter, letter of recommendation and an essay. When submitting the resume, pay close attention to what was requested by the scholarship criteria. The resumes may be evaluated on the stated objective, educational background, work experience/extracurricular activities/volunteer work, leadership roles held and the overall quality and appearance of the resume. Some scholarship applications may ask for an essay on a specific topic. Make sure the essay is formatted correctly, well written and answers the question asked. In addition, essay may be evaluated on the following criteria: the quality of the introduction (a brief abstract), development of the topic (amount, depth and specificity of supporting details), conclusion (summarizes the material and does not introduce new material), sentence structure (grammar), mechanical conventions (spelling, capitalization and punctuation) and overall quality and appearance.

If you have a scholarship you would like listed above, please submit the information to