Friday Feature: Ismail Abuzir

This week's Friday Feature is Ismail Abuzir, a current senior in the Aviation Flight Science program! Ismail grew up in Lockport Illinois, a small suburb of Chicago. After starting at a university in Illinois, he transferred to WMU to complete his college education and flight training. He is now finishing up his final semester and is working as a flight instructor for WMU.

Captain Albert Glenn - WMU Advisory Board Member, retires from FedEX

Captain Glenn’s career at FedEx spans over 44 years. He has held numerous management positions at FedEx, including Managing Director of Global Flight Operations, Flight Operations Duty Officer and System Chief Pilot. He has over 15,000 flight hours and has been qualified in the B777, MD11, DC10 and B727 aircraft. His long career with FedEx includes work in customer service, the global operation control center, and pilot hiring. He began his flying career as an instrument and multi-engine flight instructor and Part 135-charter pilot. He also worked in aircraft sales.

Friday Feature: Jessica Birnbaum

This week’s Friday Feature is Jessica Birnbaum. She is a Faculty Specialist at the College of Aviation and graduated from the program in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Administration (now Aviation Management and Operations).

Check Ride Tips

Taking check rides might be the most stressful part about learning how to fly.  Waking up in the morning not knowing what to eat, dressing nicely for the big day and arriving at your airport very early to make sure that you have all pieces in the right places.  Here are some useful tips coming from a student at the end of their flight training at WMU’s College of Aviation.