Student Achievements 2018-19

WMU's Stadium Drive Community Garden.

The Stadium Drive Community Garden, operated by WMU, has garden plots available to students and the public.

The Western Michigan University Department of Biological Sciences student achievement award ceremony recognizes and celebrates students, staff and faculty who exemplify academic excellence and leadership.

Colin J. Gould Memorial Scholarship

  • Hannah Mitchell (John Spitsbergen)

Department Nomination for Graduate Research and Creative Scholar - given by The Graduate College

  • Masters - Research - Allie Spring (Kathryn Docherty)
  • Masters - Teaching -  Christopher Frazier (Tiffany Schriever)
  • Ph.D. - Research - Alanna Van Huizen (Wendy Beane)
  • Ph.D. - Teaching - Tetiana Petrachkova (Don Kane)

Distinguished Biological Sciences Graduate Student

  • Allie Spring (Kathryn Docherty)

Distinguished Pre-Professional in Biological Sciences

  • Kendall Jablonski (Don Kane)
  • Matthew Kornas (Pam Hoppe)

Distinguished Senior in Biology

  • Eliza Foli (Sharon Gill)

Distinguished Senior in Biomedical Sciences

  • Ahmad Faryami (Steve Kohler)
  • Kori Mecklenburg (John Spitsbergen)

Dr. Darrell R. Latva Biological Sciences Teaching Excellence Award

  • Dr. Kathryn Docherty

Hazel Wirick Scholarship - Awarded through Kalamazoo Garden Club (Todd Barkman and Lynn Dinvald)

  • Abbie Bristol (Todd Barkman)
  • Louis Mitchell (Todd Barkman)

Leo C. Vander Beek Graduate Student Plant Biology Award

  • Peter Quakenbush (Todd Barkman)

Margaret Thomas Du Mond Award

  • Matt Gibson (Todd Barkman)

MPI Outstanding Graduate Research Award - Doctoral level

  • Gabriel Alves (John Spitsbergen)

MPI Outstanding Graduate Research Award - Master's level

  • Joanna Sblendorio (Sharon Gill)

MPI Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award

  • Katelyn Kurrie (John Spitsbergen)

Presidential Scholar in Biological Sciences

  • Marwa Ahmed Saad (Wendy Beane)