Secondary Education in Biology Major

The biology major in secondary education in the Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University will prepare you for certification and teaching in secondary education.

You might choose this secondary education in biology degree if:

  • You are interested in pursuing a teaching career in the biological sciences.
  • You enjoy learning about biology and sharing that knowledge.
  • You desire a degree that is a valuable asset for a number of careers related to education and complements many other degrees as a second major.


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Advisors facilitate student success by creating an on-going partnership with students and providing knowledge regarding degree requirements and WMU student success resources.

Transfer students

A minimum of 15 hours of BIOS coursework must be earned at Western Michigan University for a major. Transfer students must consult with both the biological sciences undergraduate advisor and a College of Education and Human Development advisor before registering for classes.

Student organizations

You may choose to participate in a student organization to enhance your academic experience and prepare for your professional career.


For more career information, contact the undergraduate advisor and the career guidance page.