Eunice Yung

Photo of Eunice Yung
Eunice Yung
Pronouns: she/her
BRAIN Lab Graduate Assistant
(269) 387-8841
2019 College of Health and Human Services
  • M.M., Music Therapy, Western Michigan University (in Progress)
  • B.A., Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2019
Research interests: 
  • Improvisation and Music Therapy
  • Behavioral Music Therapy
  • Neurologic Music Therapy

Eunice is currently in her first year of the Music Therapy Graduate program at Western Michigan University. She completed a B.A. in Music, majoring in clarinet at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. During her undergraduate studies, she worked as a musical assistant at the Institute for Creative Arts Therapy (HK) with Angel Leung, MT-BC. She joined a variety of volunteers to work with different populations including individuals with mental health disorders, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and children with learning disabilities. Eunice enjoys working with these populations and hopes to continue her understanding of how music impacts them cognitively through research.