Digital Display


Run Length Rates Non-profit
1 week $245 $170
2 weeks $480 $320
3 weeks $700 $455
1 month $885 $580
5 weeks $1,045 $680
6 weeks $1,175 $765
7 weeks $1,275 $830
2 months $1,350 $875
9 weeks $1,400 $900
10 weeks $1,550 $1,000
11 weeks $1,700 $1,100
Semester $1,800 $1,200
Full Year $3,000 $2,350
Summer $240 $165

Ad Reservation

Get your message out to the wmu campus

Get your message out to the Western Michigan University community by placing your ad on Bronco Transit digital displays. When you do so, as a bonus, your advertisement will also run on the digital display located in the Bernhard Center, right outside the entrance of Buster's.

Rotations schedule

Each ad will be viewed for 10 seconds within the ad rotations. For animated or .mp4 files that are longer than the 10 seconds, they will be adjusted in the line up accordingly. For example: If your ad is 30 seconds it will run every third rotations. There are a limited amount of ad reservations spots available so ads receives optimal viewing time.

Ad reservations will be based on the run length requested and priced accordingly. Time frame can be as short as one week or as long as a full year. You will also be able to indicate a start date and an end date for your placement of your ad. The start date and end date must equal or be less than the run length you requested.

Digital advertisements will run on the Brown, Gold, Oakland, Parkview I, and Parkview II  routes during the academic year September through April. For summer months: May, June, July and August, only one bus (Parkview/Oakland route) runs.

Bronco Transit buses are also used for all home Bronco football events as shuttles from Lawson Ice Arena and Gabel Natatorium to Waldo Stadium.

advertising deadlines

Advertisement is available on a weekly basis. Ads are due date the Monday prior to the start date. Late ads will not be prorated.

AD specifications

  • Accepted file types:  .JPG or .mp4 (no sound for videos)
  • 1920x1080 or 16:9 HD

A $75 per hour setup fee will be applied if the electronic ad submission does not meet the specifications listed above.


Once an ad is purchased, an email will be sent with submission instruction on how to upload your ad to our ftp site.