Steering Committee Commitment Description

Strategic Resource Management Initiative Commitment document description

The strategic resource management budget model, or SRM, will be developed in a manner that values Western Michigan University's vision of being learner centered, discovery driven
and globally engaged.

SRM incentivizes outcomes that support the University's strategic goals of student success, academic excellence, discovery and collaboration, inclusive excellence and equity, and sustainable stewardship.

As a participant in the strategic resource management project, we support the following:

  • Celebrate student and faculty/staff creative and innovative activities.
  • Deliver academic programs and a holistic student experience that are financially sustainable with the primary goal of student success.
  • Endorse collaboration and leveraging of resources across the University to create strategic initiatives.
  • Focus on long-range strategic planning.
  • Grow funded research and contract activity where full appropriate facilities and administrative costs are recovered.
  • lmprove participation of alumni, friends and community in giving, volunteerism, and WMU activities.
  • Maintain financially solvent auxiliary and other self-sustaining operations.
  • Position the WMU brand to be a university of choice that is competitive in its markets while attracting recognition for its programs.
  • Promote national and international recognition of programs and faculty and staff—academic, research, student programming, public service, and other nonacademic
  • Provide sufficient funding at a reasonable level for service centers, subvention funding, and a limited term of underwriting new programs.
  • Recognize WMU's responsibility to be active participants in providing expertise and solutions to community issues.
  • Support good stewardship of resources while providing quality services.

As a participant in the strategic resource management project, we discourage the following:

  • Complacency to maintain the status quo rather than promote collaboration and innovation to achieve University strategic initiatives.
  • Decisions based on self-interest without regard to the University common good.
  • Duplication of services for the purpose of financial gain or local control.
  • Waiting for the strategic resource management model to be developed to implement the guiding principles of the resource allocation.

The document is signed by all members of the following project committees and work groups:

Strategic Direction and Steering Committee

Edward Montgomery, WMU President
Diane Anderson, Vice President for Student Affairs
Kathy Beauregard, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Jennifer Bott, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Terri Goss Kinzy, Vice President for Research
Candy McCorkle, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
Renee Pearl, Interim Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations
Tony Proudfoot, Vice President for Marketing and Strategic Communication
Greg Rosine, Vice President for Government Affairs
Kahler Schuemann, Chief of Staff and Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Jan Van Der Kley, Vice President for Business and Finance

Cost Allocation work group

Todd Barkman, Faculty Senate
Christine Byrd-Jacobs, Graduate College/dean-appointed
Michele Cole, Business Services
Nancy Cretsinger, College of Health and Human Services
Bruce Ferrin, American Association of University Professors
Edwin Martini, Extended University Programs
Julie Garrison, University Libraries
Elizabeth Knips, Intercollegiate Athletics
Carla Koretsky, College of Arts and Sciences/dean-appointed
Robert Landeros, Organization of Chairs and Directors
Sarah Larson, Facilities Management
Jeffrey Long, Accounting Services
Betty McKain, Grants and Contracts
Dennis Moore, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
Rob Pennock, Auxiliary Enterprises
Suzanne Beals, Development and Alumni Relations
Sarah Pratt, Office of the Vice President for Research
Carrie Puckett, Accounting Services
Janice Quakenbush, Division of Student Affairs, Administrative Professional Association
Heather Rood, Enrollment Management
Cathleen S. Smith, Division of Academic Affairs
Beth van den Hombergh, Professional Support Staff Organization
Tiffany White, Office for Diversity and Inclusion
Thomas Wolf Jr., Office of Information Technology