An accessible version of the organization chart for the Strategic Resource Management committees and work groups is available.

Organization chart

Committee membership

 Committee, team and work group members are listed below, along with the areas they are representing.

Strategic Direction and Steering Committee

Core Team

Work Groups


The Communication work group will determine the methodologies of communication to and engagement of all University stakeholders. Methods will include, but are not limited to web content, forums, newsletters and email updates.


Cost Allocation

The Cost Allocation work group will help to determine what costs to allocate directly and what costs to allocate indirectly. The distinction between direct and indirect costs is somewhat artificial. In a sense, indirect costs are direct costs that are more difficult to associate with specific activities. Because their association is less obvious, we have to adopt conventions to allocate them.


Infrastructure Support for Implementation

Increased accountability typically creates a need for more frequent, timely, detailed and accurate reporting. This work group is tasked with determining reporting and other infrastructure needs, which may include information systems and technology as well as data requests.


Revenue Allocation

In order to attribute income to responsibility centers, rules for assigning all fund income to them must be specified. The Revenue Allocation work group may form sub-committees and invite subject experts to participate to address the following income categories:

  1. State appropriation
  2. Tuition (undergraduate, graduate, differential tuition, Extended University Programs, summer budget model)
  3. Course-related fees
  4. Other fee income
  5. Facilities and administrative costs recovery
  6. Contract (research or other) revenue
  7. Gifts and endowment revenue
  8. Auxiliary revenue (dining, residence halls, athletics, parking, etc.)
  9. Other (new revenues, based upon best practice research)


Training, Process Documentation and Policy

The charge for this work group is threefold: Assess, develop, and implement a training framework; create a business process documentation approach that can be used throughout the project and on-going to standardize process descriptions for management and users; and support fellow work group members in implementing relevant policies by ensuring appropriate inclusion into training materials and business processes.