female student posing in the courtyard of Schneider HallThe program leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration degree is designed to provide students with a well-rounded, educational experience that blends the theoretical and the practical. Major components of the program are designed to provide solid foundations in the liberal arts, broad general business concepts and specialized majors.

Any entering or transfer student planning to pursue business administration as a program will be admitted to the pre-business program and will work with a business advisor in the development of a planned program. Intellectual skills development program testing is required by the University to determine placement in reading, writing and skills development courses. If remedial work is required, those hours are in addition to the 122 hours required of the B.B.A. degree. Testing is completed at orientation or individually for new transfer students. Complete catalog year information is available at

2020-21 Pre-Business Administration Guide

2016-19 Pre-Business Administration Guide

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Pre-business administration requirements (2016 Catalog Year):

  • 48 semester hours of pre-business coursework
  • A WMU grade point average of at least 2.5
  • Completion of the following courses or their approved  equivalents (see an academic advisor), with a minimum grade of "C" or better
    • BUS 1000—business preparation (1 hour)
      ACTY 2000—careers in accounting (accountancy majors only)
      BUS 3000—business preparation for transfer students (transfer students only)
    • BUS 1750—business enterprise
    • CIS 1020—introduction to end-user computing
    • ENGL 1050—thought and writing
    • MATH 1160, 1180, 2000 or 1220
    • ACTY 2100—principles of accounting I
    • ACTY 2110—principles of accounting II
    • ECON 2010—microeconomics
    • ECON 2020—macroeconomics
    • STAT 2160—business statistics
  • Completion of the Student Professional Readiness Series foundational requirements

B.B.A. requirements (2016 Catalog Year):

  • Completion of business core
    • MGMT 2500—organizational behavior (3 hours) (may be taken prior to acceptance into the B.B.A. curriculum)
    • MKTG 2500—marketing principles (3 hours) (may be taken prior to acceptance into the B.B.A. curriculum)
    • BUS 2200—introduction to global business (3 hours) (may be taken prior to acceptance into the B.B.A. curriculum)
    • CIS 2700—information and communication infrastructure (3 hours) (may be taken prior to acceptance into the B.B.A. curriculum)
    • BCM 3700—integrated communication in business (3 hours)
    • BUS 3750—business process productivity (3 hours)
      Note: This course is not required for integrated supply management majors
    • BUS 4000—business professionalism (1 hour)
    • BUS 4750—strategic business solutions (3 hours)
    • BUS 4500—business ethics and sustainability (3 hours)
    • FIN 3200—business finance (3 hours)
    • LAW 3800—legal environment (3 hours)
  • A grade of “C” or higher is required in all pre-business and upper-level core courses outlined above

  • Completion of the Student Professional Readiness Series advanced requirements
  • Major, minimum beyond core requirement