The deadline to apply for readmission for the fall semester is August 1; the deadline to apply for readmission for the spring semester is December 1. Because it is not in the student’s best interest, readmission is generally not granted for summer I or II sessions.

Students on probation or extended probation who fail to achieve at least a 2.00 grade point average for the enrollment period, or students on final probation who fail to achieve a 2.00 overall GPA, will be dismissed from Western Michigan University. Academic standing policies are available from the registrar's office.

Readmission policy and procedures

To be considered for readmission to the university through the Haworth College of Business, students should contact the advising office to set up an appointment with Jane Westra, assistant director of advising. At this meeting, an individualized readmission plan will be devised. You may also email Jane Westra for general readmission questions.

Pre-business readmission

Pre-business students will be expected to attend community college for at least one semester and successfully complete the courses outlined in the individualized readmission plan. During that semester, students should enroll based on the enrollment they plan to take upon their readmission to WMU—for example the student should be full-time at the community college if planning to be full-time at WMU.

Students will be expected to complete the semester at community college with a semester GPA of 2.50 or higher and a "C" or higher in each course taken.

B.B.A. readmission

Students at the B.B.A. level will not be asked to attend community college. Readmission decisions at this level will take into consideration the likelihood that students will be able to achieve and maintain good standing to meet graduation requirements, with a minimum GPA of 2.00. 

Apply for readmission

Upon meeting with Jane Westra and fulfilling requirements of any readmission plan, students should complete and submit an application for returning student application. You will be required to attach a type-written essay (maximum of two pages) which includes a statement of your educational and career goals, an explanation of the circumstances that led to your dismissal and a detailed summary of any steps you have taken to change or alter these circumstances and resolve your past academic difficulties.

Come to the Office of Advising and Admissions for your readmission appointment located in:

2350 Schneider Hall
Haworth College of Business
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5411

To learn about the possibility of a hardship withdrawal from past semester courses, review information from the Office of the Ombuds.