Request Your Badge

Congratulations for successfully completing all of the requirements for a Western Michigan University Haworth College of Business badge. Now is the time to showcase what you have learned about your field or a particular industry, insights about yourself as an emerging professional and goals for your remaining time at WMU. Here's how you can do it:

  • Provide well thought out evidence of your experience.
  • Share your WMU credential on LinkedIn under certifications or on other social networks and online resumes.

Evidence—or, information about what you have learned

Note: You do not need evidence for the professional communication badge, which is awarded based on your quizzes and final writing assessment.

One of the best features of digital badges is that they give you an opportunity to share something about yourself. When you share your badge on LinkedIn or in other ways, potential employers can learn more about you. 

Gather your evidence: For each badge, you can compose a reflection, set up an online photo album of your experience or post a youtube video where you talk about what you learned. This evidence should relate to the badge experience. For example, if you earned a student organization leadership badge, discuss how being a leader of your RSO helped shape you personally and professionally.

Submit your evidence: Below are four options, but you can use other methods as long as you have a link or PDF to the information. 

  • Upload: Upload a PDF when you complete the request, below. 
  • Google Docs: Use a Google Doc for a reflection. After saving your document, click the share button. Choose to share publicly with anyone on the internet, then copy and paste the link in the form below. All students have a WMU Google account (more info at
  • LinkedIn: Use the "Write an article" option. LinkedIn lets you save drafts as you work. Once you are satisfied that your post expresses what you have learned, use the Publish option. Then, view the article and copy and paste the link into the form below.
  • YouTube: Post a video about your experience, then make sure you set the video to "public." Paste the link in the form below.
  • Other online posts: If you have an online portfolio or want to share a photo album, make sure it is viewable by anyone and paste the link into the form below.
Evidence example

Share your badge

You will receive an email message to claim your badge. This process is completed through Credly, one of the largest badge-issuing platforms available. From Credly, you will be able to share your badge to LinkedIn and other social media platforms. If you choose, you can explore storing badges in the Mozilla Backpack, a place to gather and combine badges you earn from various organizations.

Once you accept your badge in Credly (you will need to create an account), 

  • Hover over the badge in the "Earned" tab.
  • Click the share icon.
  • Select where you want to share your badge.

Ready to request a badge? Complete the form below.

Available badges include

  • Business Extern: Awarded via the Business Externship Program only.
  • RSO President: Requires faculty advisor approval and student evidence.
  • RSO Leader: Requires faculty advisor approval and student evidence.
  • Professional Communication: Awarded to students who successfully pass the Professional Communication Skills modules available in Elearning.
  • Leadership: Awarded through SPuRS or by providing evidence of personal and professional growth in this area.
  • Professionalism and Work Ethic: Awarded through SPuRS or by providing evidence of personal and professional growth in this area.
  • SPuRS Foundational Badge: Awarded to students after completing the SPuRS foundational level requirements.
  • SPuRS Advanced Badge: Awarded to students after completing the SPuRS advanced level requirements.

Students may also provide evidence or work with a faculty member to earn badges related to the following area:

  • Career Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Digital Technology
  • Global and Intercultural Fluency
  • Professionalism and Work Ethic
If you do not know which badge to select, please select "I don't see my badge listed."

You may submit your evidence by either providing a URL to a video, website, Google document or other publicly available materials or by uploading a file.

Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png txt rtf pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx avi mov mp3.