David A. Bandyk, B.B.A.’74 – Improving Lives, Creating Hope

BandykPersonalized products create value. This is the philosophy David A. Bandyk, B.B.A.’74, brought to his company DS Medical Holdings Inc. when he founded the leading supplier of consumable and durable medical products almost five years ago.

Before becoming president and founder of DS Medical Holdings, Bandyk gained his strong background in sales and marketing from global companies like Medtronic and Siemens Health. “Once I graduated from WMU, I really wanted to be involved in the sales environment at multinational companies,” says Bandyk. “Now, with thirty-five years of medical engineering and sales experience, I have my own company, marketing products and systems that protect clinicians and improve patients’ lives.” DS Medical Holdings sells market innovation for patient care to protect the physicians, staff and consumers and is an innovator in pain management, wound care, and orthopedic and sport medicine therapy technology.

Ever-changing and always growing, Bandyk views technology as one of the most exciting parts of his industry. “Technology is always improving both in the medical field and socially, allowing me to create new ideas for my company,” says Bandyk. "Our growth in chronic care management for Medicare patients is exceeding our expectations. Physicians are often overwhelmed and underfunded in the care of their patients and this is where we attempt to help." Bandyk believes that DS Medical Holdings' technology component, Zircon Technologies, is a very important part of their success. "Zircon Technologies builds better processes for EMR/HER migration tools in patient billing and data recovery from older technologies, helping lead the field in development of new methods to improve patient and doctor interactions." 

Bandyk credits the courses he took at the Haworth College of Business and the lasting relationships with professors like Dr. John Hungerford with shaping him into the successful business professional he is today. Bandyk and his wife, Suzan, also a proud WMU alum, passed their Bronco pride down to their children, two of whom graduated from the Haworth College of Business—Jessica in 2011 and Lindsey in 2015. "Our daughters' education at WMU has served them well and we are very proud of our children and grandchildren."